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15 Reasons Why You Should Watch Crazyhead on Netflix

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

If you haven't heard of Netflix's hit show, Crazyhead, you may want to emerge from under your rock. (Haha, just kidding! Kind of.) Other than it being eclectic, fun, and unpredictable, there are a plethora of reasons to give it a look-see before its second season starts, even if comedy-horror shows aren't normally your thing.

  1. Amy and Raquel are unique characters separately and even better together as a butt-kicking duo (or, as Raquel put it, "kick-ass Hell-b*tches").

  2. When race enters the conversation, there's no skirting around it or coddling, even when jokes are involved. Amy tells her friend's lover point-blank that he was being racist when he tells a stereotype-laden story.

  3. The show tells sexism where it can step TF off. Neither Amy nor Raquel are here for it--and they aren't afraid to say so.

  4. We get to see black girl quirkiness! We're a varied bunch. We can be eccentric, too. It's nice to see a show that embraces that.

  5. We get to see quirkiness that isn't of the stereotypical "manic pixie" variety. (Sorry, no Zooey Deschanel characters to be found here.)

  6. Neurodivergence and the mental health industry are featured as extensions of Amy and Raquel's characters, rather than definitions of them. Their neurodivergence is an asset that lets them see and fight demons.

  7. Interracial couples aren't a big deal or a weird thing. They're just treated as what they are: Couples.

  8. Love and friendship are explored in all forms.

  9. Amy and Raquel don't have all the answers. They're learning how to use their talents as they go.

  10. The supporting characters are all quirky AF.

  11. There isn't a stark line between good and evil. Both sides have characters who experience moments of confusion, clarity, and self-actualization.

  12. The comedy doesn't take away from the severity of important, serious moments.

  13. The character development is a thing of beauty. At the beginning, Amy is the person we all were once--naive at times and hoping that things blow over if we ignore them--before she realizes that burying her head in the sand isn't the solution. Conversely, Raquel is clever and self-reliant at the beginning, but doesn't understand that not letting other people into her world isn't the best way to protect herself. Both women grow as people and become stronger as the series progresses.

  14. The main villain is charismatic, eccentric, and at times, even comedic, but never loses his sinister nature.

  15. The comedy is done really well. The timing and the delivery of the funny lines are always spot on and that makes them even more hilarious.



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