Chewing Gum

Sometimes, life is awkward. Luckily, Tracey's okay with quirks and oddity. Mostly because both often come from her.


Kami has a secret: An old friend, one that she's known since she was first old enough to speak. And speak, they do--through their thoughts. Kami has never once met the boy she's been talking to. But when an old family moves back to Sorry-in-the-Vale, Kami learns that she's not the only one in her small town keeping secrets.

Tribal Force by Jon Proudstar

Many realities exist within our universe and beyond it. Realities that only gods can see. What would you do if you had the power to see them all? Nita Nitaal Nakia does. And she's humanity's last hope to survive.

Crazyhead (Netflix)

A girl-next-door and a wisecracking, free-thinking rebel are the world's only line of defense from a legion of soul-hungry demons. Netflix once again ups their game with this well-written, highly entertaining action/comedy.

Love! Love! Fighting! by Sharean Morishita

A variety show, a culture clash of epic proportions, and a young woman unlike any other come together to make one helluva story about life, love, ethnic identity, and self-esteem.

Nadia Rose- Highly Flammable

Love versatility in your music? Check out British rapper Nadia Rose!

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