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Book Series for Nerds on the Go

Fellow nerds, for those of us in college or heading there for the very first time--Congrats, freshmen!--the commute or wait times for classes can be the most tiresome parts of the school day. Sometimes, there's studying that can be done in-between that time, but if you're like me and prefer to unwind a bit before heading into a learning session, finding things to do with that time can be a struggle. As much as we love social media, scrolling down our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds does tend to get rather repetitive after a while.

But you know what doesn't get repetitive? New books! And lucky you, I've compiled a short list of my all-time favorite book series, ranging from children's to adult.

  1. The Infernal Devices prequel trilogy by Cassandra Clare (YA Fiction/Supernatural)- Way before Clary and Jace, there was Tessa Gray. When Tessa moves to England to live with her older brother, she finds him gone--and herself alone, in the middle of a sinister plot, in a world she knows nothing about.

  2. The Darkest Powers trilogy by Kelley Armstrong (YA Fiction/Supernatural)- Most kids going through puberty deal with body changes, but for Chloe, the changes are nothing like what you learned in health class. She starts being able to see and talk to ghosts...which lands her in a group home full of disturbing secrets.

  3. The Nancy Drew Files by Carolyn Keene (YA Fiction/Mystery)- Follow Nancy Drew in some of the most dangerous, challenging cases in the mystery series' 80's incarnation. It's a more modern take on the iconic teen detective with much higher stakes, more intelligent, twisted criminals, and a deeper look into Nancy's personal life.

  4. The Dream Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Adult Fiction/Supernatural Romance)- There's an entire world of demigods, demons, and other supernatural beings that most humans don't know about. Like the saying goes, "There's a bit of truth in every legend." As well as a lot of danger and seduction.

  5. Animorphs by K.A. Applegate (Children's Fiction/Sci-Fi)- Five young teens are the world's only hope against a massive covert invasion of hostile aliens. Fighting evil aliens is difficult enough, but when the enemy can be anyone, the only people they can trust are each another.

  6. The Darkness Rising trilogy by Kelley Armstrong (YA Fiction/Supernatural)- Life is nice and normal for Maya--A bit too nice and too normal for her adventurous spirit. Things change when an interesting new boy moves to town and sets off a chain of events that uncover more secrets about herself than about him.

  7. The Dark series by Christine Feehan (Adult Fiction/Supernatural Romance)- Humans have a lot of misconceptions about the supernatural. Sometimes, the things we fear are the only things saving us from true evil. Bonus points if they happen to be hot guys.

  8. The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani (Children's Fiction/Fantasy)- Two best friends are specially selected to attend a magical school where they must figure out and follow their destinies. But when their destinies pit them against each other, one of them changes for the worst and to save her, her friend has to find a way to change the course their story alone.

  9. Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova (YA Fiction/Drama)- A comic con newbie with dreams of being a professional comic book writer learns the ropes about the world of professional comics--and life--the hard way when she crosses paths with an enigmatic stranger.

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