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Creator Spotlight: Denzell Littlejohn

Hello, all! If you've been wondering where the heck I've been for the past month, the simple answer is: at school. Between homework and writing papers, there hasn't been enough time to put out the same quality of content. And if it ain't quality, it ain't happening on this blog.

That's not to say that I haven't been working on new posts, though! I sure have, and there are some pretty sweet updates in the works, too. But enough about that--this is about the fantastic artwork I'm sure you've seen on all of the strange (non)fiction social media! If you haven't had the chance to pop over to the Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, this is the new strange (non)fiction avi:

It's one of graphic designer Denzell Littlejohn's "Peoplebots." There's a whole gallery of them available to see on his website, so if you want one for your own media accounts or just for your personal enjoyment, you can contact him through his site to inquire about getting an amazing drawing of your own!

But lemme tell you how Yours, Truly came across Mr. Littlejohn's work one day on Facebook. A Facebook friend had posted a picture of a really cool-looking steampunk-esque drawing of herself, and as most of my friends know, steampunk is near and dear to my nerdy heart. I had to click on it to get a better look. When I did, I realized that she'd posted that an artist had been the one who'd designed and drawn the artwork. And before I knew it, in spite of my usual mind-my-business kind of attitude, I was in the comments section marveling at the drawing and asking for the artist's contact information. (When art speaks to you, answer the call, friends!)

I answered the call of the art and was immediately drawn to the work I saw. Each piece was as original, intriguing, and fun as the last. Looking through Mr. Littlejohn's work was honestly an art nerd's dream come true and certainly this art nerd's pleasure. Anyone who knows me personally would tell you how long it takes me to make decisions...of any kind. What to wear today? That'll be two hours. An hour and a half if I'm in a hurry. What do I feel like watching on Netflix? Um, does not compute. Try again in forty-five minutes after I've gone through the list again for the fifth time. What do I feel like eating today? LOL how many hours do you have to spare?

In this case, all it took was one look through the gallery to guide my fingers to contact page. I requested a Peoplebot drawing and got a timely response with the information desired. No haggling or shady business whatsoever. I was impressed by Mr. Littlejohn's professional, cordial manner. It may seem a small thing, but as someone who has worked in customer service for years, believe me when I say that customers always remember good experiences with brands and companies. I've personally dealt with some unpleasant content creators and sellers. If my experience with my art request is any indication, we'll be hearing many more great things, not only about Mr. Littlejohn's phenomenal work, but also about his brand.

But why wait? Follow his Instagram page and be in the loop when new art drops!



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